De La Rosa Manufacturing builds and services mixers and related components for use in concrete mixing, as well as many other materials in addition to concrete. Based on the material being processed, the design is adjusted to meet the necessary requirements for the job in question.

  • Truck mixers
  • Stationary mixers
  • Parts and Service

From 1 yard to 15 yards or more, whatever your mixing needs may be, we can build it. Whether it is concrete, fertilizer or some other material, De La Rosa Manufacturing can satisfy your requirements.

Mixers for Various Industries

  • Concrete
  • Glass Recycling
  • Metal Recycling
  • Fertilizer or Add Mixture
  • Tanning Leather
  • Meat Processing

Count on De La Rosa Manufacturing

Our many years of knowledge and experience in the field enables us to provide top quality truck mixer products, service and customer service that sets us apart.

De La Rosa Manufacturing also provides new and refurbished cement mixer drums by all leading brands including McNeilus/MTM, Kimble, Schwing, London, Continental, Challenge, Rex. We also have many of the top models and sizes in stock.

Call us at 800-233-5755 or submit form to Request a Quote or Contact Us. We will respond promptly and look forward to finding out more about what your needs are and how we can help.